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Genomic and Proteomic Applications - Microarrays  

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Advanced solutions for improved microarray processing and detection The rapidly evolving technology of microarrays provides a powerful tool to improve a variety applications in the...
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HS 4800™ Pro and 400™ Pro Hybridization Stations  

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Tecan’s HS Series of Hybridization Stations are outstanding tools to provide highly consistent and reliable results from sensitive microarray experiments in an easy-to-use way. The new...
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LS Reloaded™ Laser Scanner  

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Versatile automation-friendly scanning solutions for all microarray formats Accelerated and reliable analysis With its automation-ready design, parallel dual channel detection...
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Top-performance open-format microarray scanner for genomics & proteomics The new PowerScanner is Tecan’s open-format microarray scanner, designed for imaging of regular and high...
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Tecan's new  QuadChamber™ is designed for fully automated processing of four different microarrays simultaneously on one slide, using the HS Pro™ automated hybridization station. ...
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