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GE Healthcare Scoops Coveted Scientists’ Choice Drug Discovery Award at ELRIG Meeting9 Sep 2011Read
EndoLISA®, ELISA-based Endotoxin Detection from Hyglos8 Sep 2011Read
Pittcon Launches Laboratory News and Video Service6 Sep 2011Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces Microarray Scanner Offering Greater Sensitivity, Streamlined Workflow17 Aug 2011Read
Waters Showcases ACQUITY UPLC/MS Tools for Increasing Lab Efficiency at AACC 201229 Jul 2011Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Consolidated Immunoassay & Chemistry Controls29 Jul 2011Read
Randox Biochip Array Technology is the Leading Methodology for Drug Detection in Oral Fluid28 Jul 2011Read
Siemens Unveils Innovation ‘Power’ for the Clinical Laboratory at 2011 AACC and ASCLS28 Jul 2011Read
OriGene Pioneers High-Density Protein Microarray Chip for Optimal Validation of Antibody Specificity28 Jul 2011Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Benchtop Chemistry Analyzer at AACC 201127 Jul 2011Read

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