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DELFIA® BATDA Labeling Reagent, 50 µL  

The DELFIA® BATDA Reagent is intended for labeling of cells to be used in short term cytotoxicity tests performed utilizing time-resolved fluorometry in the detection. It forms part of...
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DELFIA® Eu-labeled bombesin  

DELFIA® Eu-Labeled bombesin is a synthetic peptide amide, similar to amphibian bombesin with a europium chelate coupled to the amino end of the peptide. The sequence of DELFIA®...
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DELFIA® Labeling Services  

Labeling Service The DELFIA labeling service provides custom labeling of biomolecules with the lanthanide chelates Europium (Eu), Samarium (Sm), Terbium (Tb) and Dysprosium (Dy)...
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DELFIA® Hybridization Buffer, 50mL  

The Hybridization Buffer is a buffered protein and detergent solution with high salt concentration. It is intended for use as a diluent for Eu/Sm/Tb-labelled oligonucleotide probes in...
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DELFIA® L*R binding buffer concentrate (10x), 25...  

DELFIA® L*R binding buffer concentrate (10x) is a buffered protein, salt and detergent solution intended for use in dissociation-enhanced time-resolved fluorometric ligand receptor binding...
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DELFIA® Lysis Buffer, 30mL  

Lysis buffer is intended for use in cell-mediated DELFIA cytotoxicity assay (for the determination of the maximum release). The product forms part of the AD0116 DELFIA® EuTDA Cytotoxicity...
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DELFIA®; Research Buffer Set, 2x conc.  

The Research Buffer Set contains a protein- and detergent-free buffer and separate detergent and protein solutions. 250mL of 100mmol/L Tris buffered salt solution with DTPA, pH 7.75 (2x...
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EN3HANCE™ Autoradiography Enhancer, 1L  

EN3HANCE™ is a liquid autoradiography enhancer that greatly simplifies gel processing as compared to Bonner and Lasky's method. EN3HANCE™ contains no DMSO and processing time is reduced...
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EN3HANCE™ Spray Surface Autoradiography Enhancer...  

EN3HANCE™ Spray was designed for use with 3H, 14C and 35S labeled compounds isolated on paper, hybridization membranes, TLC plates and similiar solid supports; however, it is not...
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Iodinated Compounds  

Kodak Autoradiography Film, Screens, and Accesso...  

As a full-line supplier of KODAK scientific films, intensifying screens and accessories, PerkinElmer offers the convenience of one-stop shopping. Our products for both detection and...
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KODAK™ ENLIGHTNING™ Rapid Autoradiography Enhanc...  

Contains no DMSO -odorless Produces high-quality fluorograms - effective with polyacrylamide and mixed gels. Involves a single-step process that requires no more than one-half...
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Lutetium-177 radionuclide is available from PerkinElmer for research and investigational use. Every lot of Lu-177 is quality tested to ensure consistent purity and activity. Unlike Y-90,...
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Radioactive Nucleotides  


Receptor Ligand Binding Assays  



PerkinElmer produces and distributes ultra-pure Yttrium-90 radionuclide, which is extracted from Strontium-90 using a patented process licensed exclusively to PerkinElmer. Every lot of...
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Human Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Assay  

An EIA for the detection of Hyaluronic Acid in human urine, serum, and other biological or experimental samples
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Human Intact Proinsulin EIA Kit  

An enzyme immunoassay for the quantitation of intact proinsulin in human serum and plasma
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Human Leptin EIA Kit  

An enzyme immunoassay for the quantitation of leptin in human serum, plasma, and other experimental samples.
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Human MBL (Mannan-binding lectin) Oligomer EIA  

An enzyme immunoassay for the quantitation of mannan-binding lectin present in human plasma and serum.
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Human Total Adiponectin EIA Kit  

An enzyme immunoassay for the quantitation of Adiponectin in human serum, plasma and other experimental samples.
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