Compound Libraries

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Kinase, ion channel, and nuclear receptor subsets selected from novel compound designs using a ligand-based, pharmacaphore query based on known actives against each target family.
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Fragment Library  

A collection of approximately 5,000 compounds rationally selected according to various diversity parameters and Astex Rule of Three considerations (MW ≤ 300, H-bond donors ≤ 3, H-bond...
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KINASet Library  

This kinase library is a computationally selected collection of 11,000 compounds utilizing a ligand-based pharmacophore selection method. This method selects compounds that have...
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NOVACore Library (NCL)  

A synthesized chemical library consisting of low-molecular weight screening compounds and containing over 100,000 compounds based on more than 100 templates. NOVACore is a research...
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This CNS Library is a collection of 56,000 druglike, small molecule compounds, selected with medicinal chemistry expertise. Computational analysis of CNS-Set includes Polar Surface Area,...
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DIVERSet Screening Library  

A "universally" diverse collection of 50,000 drug-like small molecules. The chemical library is rationally selected based on 3D pharmacophore analysis to cover the broadest part of...
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EXPRESS-Pick™ Screening Library  

The EXPRESS-Pick small molecule screening library is a collection of 450,000 quality verified, druglike, diverse, small molecule compounds, available for your custom selection. These...
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GPCR Library  

In-house designed library utilizing novel drug-like ß-turn mimic templates, promoting identification of unique chemotypes against Class A, B, & C peptidic subfamilies.
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ION Channel Set Screening Library  

This ion channel library is a set of 5,600 compounds matching published Ion-Channel modulator pharmacophores that cover ligand gated : 5-HT3, GABA, Glycine, nAChR, and PCP receptors, and...
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Ligand-based selection method using pharmacophores of low energy adenosine conformers; applicable to all kinase targets, including tyrosine and serine/threonine kinases.
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A ready to screen collection of 100,000 to 200,000 small molecules, pre-plated in DMSO in 0.25 umol and higher amounts and 0.1mg to 5mg amounts. Over 60 proprietary chemical filters and...
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Molecular Weight Set Screening Library  

A collection of 30,000 compounds plated in sequential order of increasing molecular weight and can be ordered within particular molecular weight ranges. Rationally selected for druglike...
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PHARMACophore Library  

A unique chemically diverse screening library containing 67 synthetically complex and novel core scaffolds. This sophisticated lead generation tool contains over 59,000 diverse final...
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Medicinal Chemistry Services  

Peakdale has built up medicinal chemistry and computational chemistry expertise across therapeutic areas and spanning the drug discovery process from hit generation to Phase I clinical...
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