Creep Testing Machine

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DMA 1 - Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer  

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The DMA 1 is a multipurpose DMA. Measurements can be carried out in all standard deformation modes (bending, tension, shear and compression), even in liquids or at defined relative...
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RUL/CIC 421 - Apparatus for determining refractoriness...  
NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH

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The RUL/CIC Apparatus 421 RUL/CIC 421 enables determination of the deformation point under compression and the creep in compression with one instrument without retrofitting. Furnace, load...
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Q-Series DMA - Dynamic Mechanical Analysis  
TA Instruments

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Dynamic Mechanical Analysis measures the mechanical properties of materials as a function of time, temperature, and frequency. The Q800 DMA Dynamic Mechanical Analysis instrument ...
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