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CT3™ Texture Analyzer  

The CT3 Texture Analyzer is a low cost, but powerful, universal testing machine that offers both compression and tensile testing. It can calculate, through compression and tensile...
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AGS-X Series Universal Testing Machine  

Shimadzu’s AGS-X series of universal testers combines advanced specifications with a cost-effective, modern design. By incorporating multiple control options, load cells with maximum...
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EZ Test Texture Analyzer  

This tester can easily provide high-precision data with excellent reproducibility for a variety of fields whenever needed. It is useful in a wide range of fields since it can quantify...
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HMV-G Hardness Testers  

Shimadzu’s HMV-G Series of Micro Vickers hardness testers provides an operator-friendly, cost-effective solution with automatic length measurement, which is quickly becoming the new...
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Penetrometer: PNR 12  

PNR 12 automatically measures the resistance a material provides to being pierced by a specifically shaped penetrator. The harder the test material, the more pointed and needle-like...
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TexturePro CT Software  

Take control of your CT3 Texture Analyzer with this powerful, easy-to-use software! Collect data and perform detailed data analysis with real time graphic plotting during the test. Easily...
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DMA 1 - Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer  

The DMA 1 is a multipurpose DMA. Measurements can be carried out in all standard deformation modes (bending, tension, shear and compression), even in liquids or at defined relative...
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RUL/CIC 421 - Apparatus for determining refracto...  

The RUL/CIC Apparatus 421 RUL/CIC 421 enables determination of the deformation point under compression and the creep in compression with one instrument without retrofitting. Furnace, load...
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CNA - Cement  

The Sodern CNA-Cement is the fourth generation of the world’s most advanced on-line elemental analyzer, based on the PFTNA (pulsed fast and thermal neutron activation) technology. The...
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X'Pert PRO MRD  

4 out of 5

PANalytical's X'Pert PRO Materials Research Diffractometer is the most flexible system available for X-ray diffraction studies for: • Advanced materials science and nanotechnology •...
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  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • After sales service 5 out of 5
  • Value for money 3 out of 5

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Tablet Hardness Testers  

5 out of 5

Tablet Hardness testing is also called tablet breaking force and measures the tablet mechanical integrity. The tablet breaking force is depending on the tablet geometry. If the tablet...
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  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • After sales service 5 out of 5
  • Value for money 5 out of 5

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Q-Series DMA - Dynamic Mechanical Analysis  

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis measures the mechanical properties of materials as a function of time, temperature, and frequency. The Q800 DMA Dynamic Mechanical Analysis instrument ...
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RSA-G2 - Solids Analyzer  

The New RSA-G2 is the most advanced platform for mechanical analysis of solids. The separate motor and transducer technology insures the purest mechanical data through independent control...
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