Understanding Sample Complexity and Improving Quantitative Data Quality Using RADAR™
27 Oct 2014

Uncertainty in chromatographic method development and quantitative experiments often arises when co-eluting unknown interferences reduce performance. In particular, targeted multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) analysis of compounds in complex matrices is a difficult task and it is often impossible to separate all the interfering compounds present in matrix from the target analytes. In order to address these challenges, a tandem quadrupole instrument must be able to rapidly switch between MS qualitative scanning and MS/MS quantitative modes so as not to affect the duty cycle time of the instrument. RADAR™ is available on the Xevo TQD and Xevo TQ-S instruments to maintain high quality, reproducible data. This white paper describes the application of RADAR mode and how it is possible to monitor for matrix interferences, metabolites, impurities and degradants in a sample while accurately quantifying target compounds without losing sensitivity or performance.

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