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AxION eDoor - Open-access software for streamlin...  

From running an individual sample to managing a complete network of instruments and users, AxION® eDoor™ has the power to simplify every aspect of your laboratory operation. A robust yet...
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AxION Solo/Xpo  

AxION Solo provides rapid automated processing for single target characterization and multi-target analysis. Whether it’s for single LCMS target characterization or multiple target...
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MasterView™ Software  

Mass spectrometers—especially high-resolution, accurate mass instruments—produce a significant amount of complex data. Turning those data into answers can be a big challenge. AB SCIEX...
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ProteinPilot™ Software  

4 out of 5

ProteinPilot™ Software - streamlines protein identification and quantitation. Enabling you to identify hundreds of peptide modifications and non-tryptic cleavages simultaneously;...
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Mr. M Proteomics Software  

Mr. M software facilitates targeted proteomics experiments by assisting during design, data collection, and result visualization. The software supports a new, more flexible targeted...
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Biomass Deconvolution - Biological Analyses  

Biomass Deconvolution is an Xcalibur layered application that enables users to perform commonly used standard tasks in the application of mass spectrometry to samples and analyses that...
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DeNovox Automated De Novo Sequencing Software  

DeNovoX software automates and accelerates sequencing, returning results equal to or better than those formerly achieved through expert manual sequencing of peptides within proteins and is...
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LCquan™ 2.0  

LCquan 2.0 enabling 21 CRF Part 11 compliance. LCQUAN 2.0 is a closed, secure, multi-level user environment for mass spectral quantitative analysis. When LC Quan 2.0 is...
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Mass Frontier™ 4.0  

Mass Frontier 4.0 provides you with the tools required to transform mass spectral data into results – fast! The new Mass Frontier excels at predictive fragmentation and data management.
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SEQUEST® Cluster  

SEQUEST Cluster is a complete, preconfigured proteomics solution that enables accelerated throughput of increasingly complex, multidimensional informatics. Product detail: The SEQUEST...
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Thermo Scientific Pinpoint software  

Thermo Scientific Pinpoint software is designed to simplify the transition from early-stage biomarker discovery to larger-scale, quantitative verification of putative biomarkers and...
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Xaminer, a software product, provides rapid, automated matching of complex GC/MS data files, can automatically perform flammable liquid residue analysis of samples from arson cases at...
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Xcalibur™ software is a flexible Windows® based data system that provides instrument control and data analysis for the entire family of Thermo Electron mass...
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Thermo Scientific GRAMS Suite 9.0  

The GRAMS Suite provides a broad colelction of tools to meet the needs of scientists engaged in a wide variety of spectroscopic experiments and disciplines. The GRAMS Suite is...
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Thermo Scientific ExactFinder Software for MS  

Thermo Scientific ExactFinder software, used with an Exactive or Orbitrap series high-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry system, allows food and environmental safety,...
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