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Phenomenex Creates Reversed Phase LC Column Selection Tool and Online Application18 Mar 2011Read
New Phenomenex GC Seal is Stable at High Temperatures and Easy to Install7 Mar 2011Read
Expanding the Range of Selectivity for Ultra-high Performance7 Mar 2011Read
Phenomenex and Shimadzu Collaborate to Offer Complete LC and GC Solutions23 Feb 2011Read
New Phenomenex Dual-Membrane Syringe Filters Provide Heavy-Duty Sample Clarification31 Jan 2011Read
Phenomenex Introduces Verex™ Line of Certified Chromatography Vials For Guaranteed Performance17 Jan 2011Read
New Phenomenex Sorbent is Designed and Tested for Drugs of Abuse Extraction in Forensic Toxicology17 Jan 2011Read
New Sorbent Designed for the Isolation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in Environmental Samples PAHs, Hydrocarbon19 Nov 2010Read
New Columns Deliver Enhanced Separation and Peak Shape of Basic Compounds Under Neutral and Acidic pH Conditions19 Oct 2010Read
Phenomenex Announces New Metal GC Columns for Petrochemical Testing6 Oct 2010Read

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