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New Software Enables Comprehensive Digital Pathology Scanning and Analysis19 Aug 2011Read
Leica Microsystems Releases Fully Automated HER2 FISH Test18 Apr 2011Read
New Leica Map Surface Imaging and Metrology Software for Microscopy metrology, surface imaging28 Jan 2011Read
New Leica DMI6000 B with Adaptive Focus Control (AFC)12 Oct 2010Read
New Microscope Stand Provides Consistent Multidimensional Imaging12 Oct 2010Read
Leica Announces New Integrated Solutions for Capturing, Managing, and Analyzing Virtual Data7 Sep 2010Read
Leica Announces New Tool to Amplify the Power of Confocal Imaging5 May 2010Read
Leica Microsystems Introduces New Line of Digital Microscopes: Leica DVM5000, DVM3000, and DVM200018 Feb 2010Read
New Digital Camera for Fluorescence Applications20 Nov 2009Read
Leica Microsystems Expands its Wide Range of Objective Lenses for Confocal Microscopy20 Nov 2009Read

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