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The Latest and Greatest in Chemical Drawing Software—and We’re Just Giving it Away!26 Feb 2008Read
Building Solutions for Pharmaceutical Research with ACD/Analytical Automation Suite23 Jan 2008Read
Law firm chooses ACD/ChemSketch to make quick work of drawing and editing chemical structures for patents and legal documentation13 Dec 2007Read
Delivering What Chemists Want—ACD/Labs Introduces New NMR Software6 Dec 2007Read
ACD/Labs Releases Version 11 Desktop Software Complete with Powerful New Features and Products26 Nov 2007Read
Power-Packed Molecular Property Predictors Get a Boost in Newest Version Release19 Nov 2007Read
Biochemical Profiling Research Group Implements New Software for Metabolomics3 Sep 2007Read
NMR for Everyone—Manchester University Provides Access to Industry-Leading Software9 Aug 2007Read
How Natural Product Research Benefits from Computer Assisted Structure Elucidation26 Jul 2007Read
Do More with Less: ACD/Labs Software for Small Companies and Academia25 Jul 2007Read

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