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New SPM-9700 Scanning Probe Microscope – Easy to Operate, with High Quality Observation Image9 Jun 2011Read
New Perfinity Workstation Automates Protein Sample Preparation23 Mar 2011Read
Shimadzu’s New MOC63u Moisture Balance Provides High-Accuracy20 Mar 2011Read
Achieve Simple, High-Speed RoHS/ELV Screening with Shimadzu’s New Liquid Nitrogen Free EDX-LE Spectrometer19 Mar 2011Read
Shimadzu’s New GCMS-QP2010 Ultra Offers High-speed, Eco-friendly Analysis for Improved Productivity and Reduced Laboratory Costs17 Mar 2011Read
Shimadzu’s New TOC-L Series Provides High-Precision Analysis14 Mar 2011Read
New Preparative LC Pump Enables Easy Scale Up and Eliminates Need to Change Pump Heads21 Sep 2010Read
New Integrated MALDI Solution for Ultra High-Mass Applications28 Jun 2010Read
Shimadzu Introduces Sensitive Fluorescence Detectors for HPLC Systems20 Apr 2010Read
Shimadzu, Ceres Nanosciences and Nonlinear Dynamics Introduce Nanotrap™ Biomarker Discovery Platform16 Mar 2010Read

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