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PerkinElmer Introduces High Performance Product Line Designed to Accelerate the Development of New Materials10 Mar 2009Read
PerkinElmer Introduces Micro-Channel Wafer Technology for the Clarus Gas Chromatographs4 Mar 2009Read
PerkinElmer to Develop Interface for Agilent Technologies Inc.’s EZChrom Elite Software to Control PerkinElmer Clarus Gas Chromatographs18 Feb 2009Read
PerkinElmer Expands LED Portfolio with Acquisition of Opto Technology, Inc.3 Feb 2009Read
Attending LabAutomation 2009 in Palm Springs?16 Jan 2009Read
PerkinElmer Introduces Input Beam Accessory for measuring samples by emission with Spectrum Series Spectrometers17 Dec 2008Read
PerkinElmer Adds High Performance FT-IR/FT-FIR Spectrometer to Spectrum Series16 Dec 2008Read
PerkinElmer Demonstrations of Disruptive ELISA Technology and Innovations in Cellular Imaging and Analysis at ASCB 2008.27 Nov 2008Read
PerkinElmer Launches Volocity 5® High Performance Imaging Acquisition and Analysis Software18 Nov 2008Read
PerkinElmer Introduces General Purpose Optical Bench Accessory10 Nov 2008Read

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