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Roche Point of Care System Ensures Patient Safety at Chester Hospital19 Oct 2011Read
Roche Licenses Nanopore Sequencing Technologies for Rapid, Affordable DNA Sequencing11 Oct 2011Read
New Pre-capture Multiplexing for Target Enrichment Technology10 Oct 2011Read
Rotterdam Medical Centre Adopts Roche Technologies7 Sep 2011Read
Roche Announce Launch of New Cedex Bio Bioprocess Analyzer2 Sep 2011Read
Roche Applied Science Launches the Ultracompact LightCycler® Nano System1 Jul 2011Read
High Throughput EHEC Pathogen Examination of Stool Samples using Roche´s MagNA Pure 96 and LightCycler Systems29 Jun 2011Read
Roche Launches GS FLX+ System Offering High-Quality, Sanger-like Reads with the Power of Next-Generation Throughput28 Jun 2011Read
Roche´s xCELLigence RTCA HT System: Fully-automated Measurement of Therapeutic Targets` Cellular Activity16 Jun 2011Read
Data Quality Meets Enjoyment: Roche´s New Small LightCycler System Presented at Real-Time PCR Symposium in Prague16 Jun 2011Read

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