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Dolomite excels with unique customization project9 Apr 2010Read
Dolomite Successfully Miniaturises GC Equipment for Environmental Testing12 Feb 2010Read
Dolomite and Emerald BioSystems Collaborate to Produce Award Winning Novel Protein Crystallography Instrument29 Jan 2010Read
Dolomite Announces Mitos Wellplate for Small-Scale Reagent Droplets or Cells17 Sep 2009Read
Microfluidic Experts Introduce Ultra Smooth, Miniature Scale Pumping Systems20 Aug 2009Read
Dolomite Introduces Glass Microfluidic Device for High Throughput Mixing and Reactions18 Jun 2009Read
Dolomite Introduces Microfluidic Chip for Rapid Fluid Mixing11 May 2009Read
Dolomite Introduces Microfluidic Device for Droplet Generation8 Apr 2009Read
Dolomite Introduces Extra Smooth Microfluidic Pumping System10 Mar 2009Read
Microfluidics Experts Offer Mass Production, Disposable, Polymer Devices10 Dec 2008Read

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