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Free Conference Registration for ‘Liquid Handling and Label-Free Detection Technologies’ Now Open22 Jan 2010Read
ELRIG Sponsors ‘Technobotts’22 Oct 2009Read
ELRIG Announce Free Online Registration for Drug Discovery 20097 Jul 2009Read
AUTOMATED ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY - Novartis Meeting16 Sep 2008Read
ADME and the Application of Laboratory Automation23 Jun 2008Read
ADME and the Application of Laboratory Automation - 12th June 20081 May 2008Read
Protein Crystallography - Hinxton Hall, Cambridge15 Apr 2008Read
Protein Crystallography - April 1st 2008, Hinxton Hall, Cambridge3 Mar 2008Read
Protein Crystallography - Conference Overview14 Dec 2007Read
Drug Discovery: The Application of High Throughput Technologies to Target and Lead Identification19 Oct 2007Read

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