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High Resolution Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Array from Oxford Gene Technology8 Jul 2010Read
OGT Launches New ISCA-Endorsed CytoSure™ aCGH Arrays for Detecting Disease and Syndrome-Related Aberrations3 Feb 2010Read
OGT's array technology to boost Prokaryote genomics research7 Oct 2009Read
OGT Offers New Genomic DNA Labelling Kit for Cytogenetics Array16 Feb 2009Read
Developing Microarray-based Genetic Tests for Use in NHS Laboratories6 Feb 2009Read
OGT’s miRNA profiling service provides rapid answers for disease research14 May 2008Read
Oxford Gene Technology Launches CytoSure Products for the Cytogenetics Research Community6 Jul 2007Read
Oxford Gene Technology and Integrated Genomics to Develop a Pichia pastoris Gene Expression Microarray7 Mar 2007Read
Oxford Gene Technology in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute to develop a microarray to test for genetic defects in unborn children31 Jan 2007Read
Oxford Gene Technology and Agilent Technologies Enter into a Collaborative Agreement17 Jan 2007Read

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