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New Functionality, Increased Speed, and Ease-of-Use Highlights ACD/Labs Version 12 Release4 Dec 2008Read
ACD/NMR Workbook16 Oct 2008Read
Making the Most of Valuable Laboratory Time at Connecticut College9 Sep 2008Read
Putting Past Elucidations to Work for the Future of Antibacterial Research12 Aug 2008Read
Try MS Software That Leaves Your Molecules in Pieces14 Jul 2008Read
Even More Choice with Updated, Free HPLC Column Selection Software6 May 2008Read
ACD/Labs Announces an Important Investment by Sanofi-Aventis for Production Facilities in Europe18 Apr 2008Read
Fledgling Chemists Leave the Nest Better Prepared Thanks to NMR Software8 Apr 2008Read
Empowering Companies and People with Improved Enterprise Tools for Chemical Research1 Apr 2008Read
ACD/Labs Introduces ACD/AutoChrom for ChemStation and ACD/AutoChrom for Empower 2 Software at PITTCON 20084 Mar 2008Read

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