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TTP LabTech Launches New High-Content Contract Screening Service2 Feb 2010Read
TTP LabTech Launches Dedicated Instrument for Lipidic Cubic Phase Screening13 Nov 2009Read
Acumen® eX3: Viable Alternative for FMAT Analysis4 Aug 2009Read
Acumen® eX3 speeds up cytotoxicity profiling16 May 2009Read
See Latest Products from TTP LabTech - SBS Booth 20017 Apr 2009Read
TTP LabTech extends liquid handling capabilities for HTS23 Sep 2008Read
Come and visit TTP LabTech’s range of automated laboratory equipment at SBS/ELRIG 200811 Sep 2008Read
Acoustic Technology to Revolutionise Label-free Interaction Analysis29 Jul 2008Read
Acumen eX3 Speeds Up Genome-wide Screening at Cancer Research UK7 Apr 2008Read
TTP LabTech launches the RAPid4 acoustic biosensor and enhanced screening tools at SBS 200817 Mar 2008Read

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