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Shimadzu’s New MALDI-7090™ TOF-TOF Mass Spectrometer Combines High Throughput, High Resolution and High-energy for the Ultimate in Tandem MS Capabilities cell imaging, structural biology, proteomics11 Jun 2013Read
Excellence in Mass Spectrometry: Shimadzu Showcases Ultra Fast Mass Spectrometers at ASMS 2013 ASMS29 May 2013Read
New Open-Access Method Toolbox Software from Shimadzu Offers High-Efficiency Method Development for Pharmaceutical Laboratories and CROs biopharmaceutical analysis18 Mar 2013Read
Shimadzu Partners with Integrated Analysis to Release i3D Enterprise Service, a Powerful, Private-Cloud Service for Laboratories laboratory management, data logging18 Mar 2013Read
Shimadzu’s New EZ Test EZ-X Series of Compact Tabletop Testers for Precise and High-Speed Analysis food testing, biopharmaceutical analysis18 Mar 2013Read
Ultra Fast Triple Quadrupole GC/MS and Expanded LC-MS/MS trace analysis, ASMS22 May 2012Read
New Multimode Inlet Enables Multi-Tasking GC-MS multimode GC inlet15 May 2012Read
High-Speed LC/MS Analysis with Three Times More Sample Capacity pittcon, high-speed LCMS15 Mar 2012Read
New Autosampler for Nexera UHPLC Provides High-Speed Analysis with Three Times More Sample Capacity for LC/MS14 Jun 2011Read
New SPM-9700 Scanning Probe Microscope – Easy to Operate, with High Quality Observation Image9 Jun 2011Read

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