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OGT to Host Cancer and Rare Disease Analysis Workshop at ESHG 2012 Cancer Diagnostics, NGS7 Jun 2012Read
OGT Releases New Hematological Malignancy Array Leukemia, Cancer9 Mar 2012Read
OGT Signs Deal for Commercialization of Colorectal Cancer Biomarker Test Colorectal Cancer, Colorectal Cancer22 Feb 2012Read
OGT Optimizes Rare Disease Sequencing and Analysis Service Genetic Disease16 Feb 2012Read
Data from Microarrays Co-Developed by OGT to be Presented at ECC 201128 Jun 2011Read
OGT Announces New Targeted Next Generation Sequencing Service31 May 2011Read
New High-Throughput DNA Labelling Kit and Sample Tracking Spike-Ins Maximise Accuracy and Reliability10 Feb 2011Read
New CytoSure™ Interpret Software for Faster and Easier Translation of Oligo aCGH Data into Results13 Oct 2010Read
New Array Offers Increased Confidence in Detecting Deletions and Duplications within the DMD Gene13 Oct 2010Read
Unique CNV Array with Whole Chromosome Uniparental Disomy (UPD) Detection from OGT7 Sep 2010Read

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