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ACD/IXCR Intelligent Compound Recognition for Wastewater Analysis17 Dec 2010Read
RTI Launches New Spectral Database for Forensic Laboratory, Research, and Law Enforcement7 Dec 2010Read
ACD/Labs to Present In silico ADMET Software, Free NMR Software and Building SORD at ACS 201016 Aug 2010Read
ACD/Labs to Showcase Software Products that Facilitates Quality by Design for Chromatographic Method Development and Optimization at HPLC 201014 Jun 2010Read
See ACD/Labs Collection of MS Software Tools at ASMS 201018 May 2010Read
Preventing Late Stage Failures with Reliable In Silico ADME and Tox Prediction7 Aug 2009Read
Complicated Samples? Find Just What You Need with ACD/IntelliTarget1 Jun 2009Read
ACD/Labs and Pharma Algorithms Join Forces to Strengthen In Silico Screening and Prediction10 Feb 2009Read
Analytical Knowledge Management Software Expands the HT Platform16 Jan 2009Read
Do it Once and Do it Faster Than Ever Before with New ACD/NMR Workbook15 Jan 2009Read

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