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Cost-Efficient Trace Analysis of Mercury with Analytik Jena’s ‘mercur’ EPA Methods, Elemental Analysis, Mercury10 Jul 2013Read
Profitable Elemental Analysis in Shift Work Labs with Analytik Jena’s Self Check System Elemental Analysis30 May 2013Read
Analytik Jena’s SPECORD® Photometer Celebrates its 50th Anniversary Food Safety, Environmental Contamination, Pharmaceuticals15 Apr 2013Read
Future Trends Showcased at analytica analytica, Continuum Source AA16 Apr 2012Read
Simultaneous Multi-element Determination with High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS Multi-Element, Non-Metal Determination, analytica16 Feb 2012Read
Rapid and Accurate Antioxidant Measurements in Foods Lipid Soluble, Antioxidative Capacity9 Feb 2012Read
Third Generation Zeeman Magnetic Field Technology for Improved AA Sensitivity D2 Background Correction, Zeeman Magnetic Field, Graphite Furnace27 Jan 2012Read
TOC, TIC and TC Determination in a Single Instrument Total Inorganic Carbon, Trace-Level Water Analysis, TOC Monitoring12 Dec 2011Read
Analytik Jena AG Launches its New Atomic Absorption Spectrometer10 Aug 2011Read
SPECORD® PLUS – The New UV VIS Spectrophotometer17 Jun 2011Read

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