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Scientific Innovation and Inspiration Highlight an Energetic LabAutomation20113 Feb 2011Read
SLAS Announces United 2012 Conference13 Jan 2011Read
51 Recipients to Receive SLAS Academic Travel Awards5 Jan 2011Read
SLAS Names $10,000 Innovation Award Finalists for LabAutomation201115 Dec 2010Read
Industry Partners of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening to Host Briefings at LabAutomation201111 Nov 2010Read
LabAutomation 2011 Registration Open10 Nov 2010Read
Former NASA Mission Control Flight Director Gene Kranz Highlights Exciting Plenary Session at LabAutomation 2007 NASA31 Oct 2010Read
Send Your Abstracts for LabAutomation201125 Jun 2010Read
LabAutomation2010 Awards Program Highlights Laboratory Automation Advances29 Jan 2010Read
ALA Young Scientist Award Program Recognizes Top Students20 Jan 2010Read

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