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Label-Free Assays Benefit from Microplate Readers with CCD Spectrometer Technology High Throughput, LSPR, Biotechnology20 Jul 2012Read
New Microplate Reader Showcased analytica, Antioxidant, Full Spectrum Absorbance10 Apr 2012Read
Nanoliter High-Throughput Screening with the PHERAstar FS Nanoliter HTS8 Feb 2012Read
Last Chance to Win a SPECTROstar Nano Microplate, Cuvette and Low-Volume Absorbance Reader6 Jul 2011Read
A Big Win for Small Particles: A SPECTROstar Nano awarded to the University of Helsinki for Nanoparticle Research29 Jun 2011Read
A Novel Application for an Ancient Remedy Helps Rose Cooper Win a SPECTROstar Nano from BMG LABTECH31 May 2011Read
The First Winner of BMG LABTECH’s SPECTROstar Nano is on His Way to Modernizing Beer and Wine Analysis20 May 2011Read
Rising Stars in the Chemistry/Biochemistry Department at U.T. Arlington are the Second Winners of a SPECTROstar Nano from BMG LABTECH3 May 2011Read
Discover the Next-Generation Microplate Reading Technology from BMG LABTECH21 Mar 2011Read
Redefine your Absorbance Assays with a Free SPECTROstar Nano Microplate Reader from BMG LABTECH4 Mar 2011Read

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