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Digital Film for Westerns: The C-DiGit® Chemiluminescent Western Blot Scanner Digital Imaging9 Sep 2014Read
LI-COR Displays Odyssey Infrared Imaging Systems at Neuroscience 2013 Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Alzheimers Disease18 Nov 2013Read
LI-COR to Display C-DiGit® Blot Scanner Western Blot Scanner at Neuroscience 2013 Neuroscience, Protein, Blotting25 Oct 2013Read
New Primary Antibody Offers Normalization for Low-Expressing Proteins7 Aug 2012Read
Image Studio Imaging Software Now Compatible with Mac Software7 Aug 2012Read
LI-COR Builds Upon Successful Collaboration with BellBrook Labs8 May 2011Read
Odyssey Sa Adds Automated Plate Reading From BioTek Instruments, Inc.28 Apr 2011Read
New Infrared Fluorescent Reagent Products20 Dec 2008Read

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