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Don’t Miss these Life Sciences Highlights of 2014 Neuroscience, Scientists Choice Awards, Metabolomics23 Dec 2014Read
Hamilton Introduces New Syringe Drive for Precise Liquid Handling Liquid Handling Workstation, Syringe Pump27 Oct 2014Read
Conference Program Targets the Industry’s Needs12 Sep 2014Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Signs Exclusive Global Distribution Agreement with NewLab Engineering for Forensic Sample Processing Technology Automation, Forensic Investigation4 Aug 2014Read
PrimaDiag Introduces New Range of Modular, Affordable, Automated Liquid Handling Solutions qPCR, Liquid Handling Workstation, NGS25 Jun 2014Read
Tecan Focuses on Sample Preparation at ASMS 2014 Automation, Drug Discovery, ASMS2 Jun 2014Read
New 20µl Liquidator 96 Maximizes Your Workflow with Fast, 96-Well Pipetting and No Complex Programming qPCR23 May 2014Read
New Peristaltic Pump Delivers Unparalleled Flexibility in Fluid Transfer Peristaltic Pumps15 Apr 2014Read
New Eppendorf FemtoJet® 4i and FemtoJet® 4x Electronic Micro-Injectors Deliver High Levels Of Reproducibility And Precision Electronic Pipette4 Apr 2014Read
BioTek Introduces MultiFlo™ FX Multi-Mode Dispenser with RAD™ Technology Automation, Liquid Handling Workstation4 Apr 2014Read

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