Are Your Digital Microscope Measurements Accurate and Reliable?
28 Oct 2014

For certain applications, such as the production and maintenance of automobiles, aircraft, or power plants, quality control and reliability assurance, as well as safety and health inspection, accurate and reliable image data with precise calibration are very important. Digital microscopes allow the rapid acquisition of a high-quality digital image which is calibrated, i.e. precisely quantified. The image can be easily analyzed to make measurements, annotated, and stored in a standard format for later use in reports, presentations, and publications. This application note describes how the Leica DVM2500 digital microscope from Leica Microsystems can be beneficial for your daily work routine. The Leica DVM2500 offers reliable image data in both 2 and 3 dimensions, real-time indication of precise calibration during operation, accurate calibration data stored with each image and easy, rapid image acquisition over a large magnification range.

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