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Field Emission-SEM for advanced analytical microscopy The SIGMA series of Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes (FE-SEM) delivers advanced analytical microscopy with the high...
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Use SmartSEM to fully control all operational parameters SmartSEM is your software solution for SEM, FE-SEM and FIB-SEM. Choose between different operating modes for the GUI depending...
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ZEISS Smartzoom 5  
Smart Design. Smart Workflow. Smart Output. Smartzoom 5 is your smart digital microscope - ideal for quality control and quality assurance applications in virtually every field of...
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ZEISS Stemi 2000  
Stemi 2000: Your robust high precision stereo microscope for all routine tasks Capture your biological specimens and material samples with best contrast and 1.9 to 225x magnification.
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ZEISS Stemi DV4  
Stemi DV4 - your universal tool for training, research and everyday tasks 4x zoom and 100% focus: Stemi DV4 is more than an inexpensive microscope. The patented zoom of Stemi DV4...
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ZEISS Stemi DV4 SPOT Stereomicroscope  
The Essentials in Focus The innovative advances incorporated in this microscope are obvious not only in the color of the instruments and their compact, original design, but also,...
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ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V12  
SteREO Discovery.V12: reproducible results over the motorized 12:1 zoom range The motorized components of your SteREO Discovery.V12 are fully integrated into your microscope software...
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ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V20  
steREO Discovery.V20 designed for optimal depth perception and maximum zoom range Use the 20:1 zoom range to go from largest overview into the smallest details. All optical components...
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ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V8  
SteREO Discovery.V8: improved stereoscopic image The noticeably improved three dimensional image perception helps you to prepare and manipulate your samples - especially in...
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ZEISS SteREO Lumar.V12  
The New Fluorescence High-resolution three-dimensional images in the largest specimen field in its class. First-class optics through the new objective NeoLumar S for bright,...
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ZEISS Electron Microscopy Application Software for TEM With ZEMAS software you easily acquire and analyse data with ZEISS LIBRA series transmission electron microscopes. Profit from...
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ZEISS ZEN 2011  
ZEN Shortens the Path to Your Goal ZEN 2011 Microsoft Software - ZEISS Efficient Navigation – is the single user interface you will see on all imaging systems from Carl Zeiss. The ZEN...
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Key ZEN Features for Your Imaging Tasks Download ZEN lite, your free copy of the powerful ZEN imaging software. Try out key features or simply install it as a viewer for your CZI files. ...
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