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Initiator+ SP Wave  
The Biotage® Initiator+ SP Wave is a programmable synthesis system that can be configured to perform either microwave assisted peptide or organic synthesis. In peptide synthesizer mode,...
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FlashMaster™ Solo  
Purify more organic compounds per week with the single-column - FlashMaster Solo automated chromatography system. •  A programmable four-solvent management system performs...
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Initiator Peptide Workstation  
The Biotage® Initiator Peptide Workstation Manual Microwave Peptide Synthesis Key Features: •   Enables microwave assisted peptide synthesis •   Reusable 2-5 mL...
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Initiator+ Alstra  
Microwave irradiation is still the most effective solution for providing a fast, precise and efficient heating method for synthesizing peptides, peptoids, PNA and peptidomimetics with...
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Initiator+ Synthesizer  
The Biotage® Initiator+ represents a new generation of instruments for organic, medicinal, materials, nano and polymer chemistry professionals. It is an upgradeable and reliable...
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Syro Wave  
Rapidly synthesize high quality peptides using the microwave or parallel peptide synthesizer The Biotage® Syro Wave™ system is a programmable peptide synthesizer that is capable...
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