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Spectroelectrochemical Transmission Cell  
The Specac Spectroelectrochemical Transmission Cell is a demountable UV/Vis/NIR/IR liquid cell that encompasses an optically-transparent thin-layer electrode (OTTLE) structure to facilitate...
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Liquid Transmission Cell  
Specac’s Omni Cell System presents a novel approach for the analysis of liquid, mulls, pastes, and cast film samples in UV, Vis, NIR, and IR transmission spectroscopy, with one cell mount...
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Long Pathlength Gas Cell  
Based on the White cell principle of multiple light passes between an arangement of reflecting mirrors, Tornado™ series is available with pathlengths between 1m to 20m Tornado™ series gas...
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Low Temperature Diamond ATR System  
The Low Temperature Golden Gate™ ATR is a single reflection monolithic diamond ATR accessory for FTIR ATR analysis from -150°C to 80°C. The system uses a thermally insulated copper and...
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Variable Temperature Cell Holder  
The Variable Temperature Cell Holder is the ideal accessory to use for the transmission study of liquid or solid samples over a broad range of temperatures. The cell consists of a vacuum...
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