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Beckman Coulter at SLAS2015: Workshops and Interactive Biomek Explorer SLAS30 Jan 2015Read
QIAGEN Introduces QuantiFERON Monitor® for Tracking Immune Function in Solid Organ Transplant Patients and for Research into Other Applications Immunology, Tuberculosis29 Jan 2015Read
New Classification Improves Risk Prediction in Chronic Leukemia Leukemia28 Jan 2015Read
Water You Waiting For? Learn About Working with Water Filters for Isolation of DNA DNA Extraction27 Jan 2015Read
Sigma-Aldrich® and VIB Form Alliance to Provide Scientists with Enhanced and Faster Access to Novel Translational Research Tools Translational Research26 Jan 2015Read
3D Liver Spheroid Model in Use by MIP-DILI, IMI's Drug Liver Injury Project Liver Disease, Microtissue, Spheroids23 Jan 2015Read
Shimadzu’s New Monitored Single-Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Offers Comprehensive Measurement Options in a Compact Body DNA Quantification, Protein Quantitation, Food Testing23 Jan 2015Read
Product Highlight: KASP™ Genotyping Chemistry Applications SNP Genotyping22 Jan 2015Read
Pall Laboratory: Clear Choice, Clear Options in Filtration SLAS, Lab Essentials, Sample Processing22 Jan 2015Read
Streamlining ChIP for qPCR Analysis Immunoprecipitation21 Jan 2015Read

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