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Terpenes Standards for Medical Cannabis Analysis Just Released by Restek Cannabis26 Feb 2015Read
QIAGEN Collaborates with Allele Frequency Community to Advance Translational Medicine and Clinical Diagnostics Translational Medicine26 Feb 2015Read
New ambr® Bioreactor Systems Enhanced with Software for Design of Experiments25 Feb 2015Read
Beckman Coulter Genomics Introduces a Scalable RNA-Seq Service Line for Processing Intact and Degraded RNA Samples Automation, Library Generation, LIMs25 Feb 2015Read
Developments in ChIP Technology CHiP-sequencing25 Feb 2015Read
Bio-Rad Adds Six New Genomes to Line of PrimePCR™ Assays for Real-Time PCR qPCR, Real-Time PCR23 Feb 2015Read
Sigma® Life Science Releases Next-Gen Sequencing Oligos Oligos, NGS20 Feb 2015Read
FluoView FVMPE-RS Multiphoton System - Two New Microscopes for Live Cell and In-Vivo Imaging 3D Imaging20 Feb 2015Read
Applying Biosensor Innovations to Healthcare and Medicine Cancer Diagnostics, Biomarkers, Infectious Disease19 Feb 2015Read
Leica Microsystems Launches Leica DFC7000 T Multi-Purpose Camera for Brightfield and Fluorescence Microscopy Digital Microscopy, Fluorescence Microscopy, Bright Field Microscopy18 Feb 2015Read

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