Quantifying Cross-Contamination from Tissue Homogenization with a Rotor-Stator Homogenizer Equipped with a Stainless Steel Generator Probe
20 Oct 2014

In research labs, rotor-stator homogenizers are critical pieces of equipment as they are routinely used as the first step in many experimental workflows. While rotor-stator homogenizers are extremely effective, between samples, researchers must clean the generator probe to remove sample particulate in order to prevent cross contamination between samples. The generator probe must be fully disassembled, cleaned and autoclaved prior to the next sample being processed. As an alternative to stainless steel generator probes, Omni International offers a disposable plastic Omni Tip™ generator probe that can be disposed of after each use to ensure that no cross contamination will occur. Herein, the effectiveness of standard generator probe cleansing processes to quantify the degree of DNA and protein carryover from sample to sample using a standard stainless steel generator probe has been evaluated.

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