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SelectScience Opens Nominations for Best Drug Discovery Product of the Year 2012 Scientists Choice Awards15 Jun 2012Read
The Science Behind the Olympics: SelectScience Exclusive Anti-Doping Science, Anti-Doping Science1 May 2012Read
iSOFT Announces Hospital Project to Extract Clinical Information for Research Use Research and Development1 Mar 2012Read
Anagnostics Hybcell Technology to be used for Drug Development drugdevelopment9 Feb 2012Read
SelectScience Announces New Website: The Fastest Way to Expert Opinion2 Feb 2012Read
New Support Resources Introduced for FieldStere V3.0 Molecular Development1 Dec 2011Read
Guided Drug Discovery with FieldStere Version 3.011 Nov 2011Read
SelectScience Webinar Now Available On-Demand: Understand High Purity Water Needs, Exclusively for France, Germany and the UK28 Oct 2011Read
GE Healthcare Scoops Coveted Scientists’ Choice Drug Discovery Award at ELRIG Meeting9 Sep 2011Read
Pittcon Launches Laboratory News and Video Service6 Sep 2011Read

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