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Revolutionary 2DGE Software Analysis of single 2D gels - Dymension 1 is ideal for users looking for software to analyse spots between samples containing one 2D gel only. It offers a...
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Rapid Analysis of Multiple 2D Gel Sets DYMENSION 2 has all the features of DYMENSION 1 but has the added ability to detect and compare protein spot maps in multiple gel sets. The...
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Quick and Easy Analysis of all 2D Gel Applications The exciting DYMENSION 3 software has all the functionality of DYMENSION 2, so can be used to analyse multiple gel sets. In...
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Band pattern analysis database GeneDirectory is a fast data storage and retrieval system designed for large-scale genomic fingerprinting studies, cluster analysis, VNTR analysis,...
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The biggest difference between a Syngene system and any other is in the way the system is controlled. At the heart of all Syngene systems is GeneSys which is an application driven...
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Syngene GeneTools - Advanced 1D gel analysis Syngene GeneTools is an advanced 1D gel and 2D spot blot analysis software for use with any gel documentation system.  The Syngene...
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