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Cell Technology - Services  
Service for life Periodically inspection and preventive maintenance of your cell manipulation instruments ensure that they are consistently operating at peak performance and are ready...
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epMotion® 5070 and epMotion® 5075 Services  
epMotion® 5070/5075 Performance Plans Preventive maintenance is a schedule of planned service, designed to check your system and preserve its maximum- performance quality. Preventive...
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Mastercycler® ep realplex Services  
Mastercycler® ep realplex Performance Plans The principles of real-time PCR are based upon a very limited tolerance for uncontrolled variables. Eppendorf helps to ensure continually...
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Temperature control & Mixing Service  
Eppendorf Temperature Control & Mixing Service: We care for your samples The right heating, cooling and mixing conditions are made very easy with our MixMate, Thermo- Stat plus and...
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