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ACTOR™ (Automated crystal transport orientation and retrieval robot) is a proven commercial solution for automating routine crystal screening and data collection at both synchrotron...
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Highly accurate micro area residual stress with both iso- and side-inclination methods. In the past, if you wanted to make highly accurate residual stress measurements, you had to use...
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Protein Structure Workbench  
In-house X-ray screening provides instant feedback of crystal quality, and the results can immediately lead to a new direction in crystallization. Your lab's results must be...
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Ultimate HomeLab  
Our most powerful protein crystallography system, the Ultimate HomeLab is a complete home X-ray diffraction system that enables data collection on a wide range of protein crystal samples...
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XtaLAB mini  
The new Rigaku XtaLAB mini benchtop X-ray crystallography system for automated three dimensional (3D) chemical structure determination is the latest in affordable single crystal X-ray...
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