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PolarCam micropolarizer cameras simultaneously capture multiple polarized images of each video frame, enabling a range of image enhancement techniques. Small, fast and field-proven, these...
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Attocube attoFPSensor - Long range, high precision, ultra compact interferometric displacement sensor The attoFPSensor is based on a Fabry Perot interferometer consisting of a single...
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HI 90 - Imaging Remote Sensing System  

Atmospheric and environmental research, volcanology, industrial surveillance and homeland security outline the wide range of applications of the HI 90 Hyperspectral Imaging System. The...
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OPS - Open Path Air Monitoring System  

The open path air monitoring system allows identification and quantification of airborne pollutants and atmospheric gases. Infrared radiation is modulated by an interferometer and...
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Conformation-Sensitive, Back-Scattering Interferometry. Back Scattering Interferometry (BSI) is a truly label-free optical measurement technique that senses conformation-based changes...
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Introducing the LSM 800 with Airyscan from ZEISS