Industry News: Thermo Fisher Scientific Showcases a Range of Innovative Products at ASM 2009

20 May 2009

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced that it will be showcasing a range of innovative microbiology products at the American Society of Microbiology General Meeting. Debuting its latest technology in heating, freezing and incubation, the company demonstrates its advanced reliability in safeguarding valuable samples. Furthermore, its space-saving centrifuge and shaker series’ will also be featured.

A selection of Thermo Scientific equipment for all sample storage will be on display. Providing a complete solution to any microbiology laboratory, these products ensure that an optimized environment is provided for a reliable performance with repeatable results.

•  The Thermo Scientific Revco PLUS HD ultra-low temperature upright freezer range features innovative thin walled insulation (HD) technology to maximize interior storage capacity without increasing the cabinet footprint. The Revco PLUS HD is available in a 25 or 32 cu ft model, with the latter being the world’s largest ultra-low temperature upright freezer with a market-leading capacity of 70,000 samples.

•  The Thermo Scientific Precision general purpose oven and incubator lines are suitable for the full range of incubation, heating and drying applications. The Precision® products have easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant interiors, offering highly reliable operation and enhanced safety to the samples and laboratory personnel.

•  The Thermo Scientific HERAcell i range of cell culture CO2 incubators combines the intuitive iCAN™ touch-screen user interface with the proven ContraCon moist heat decontamination technology. Providing a reliable and easy-to-use system, these incubators enable users to culture valuable samples with confidence, providing an environment in which cultures are secured, protected and can thrive.

Also on display will be the easy-to-use, space-saving orbital shaker and centrifuge series. These products enable microbiology protocols to occur in an energy-efficient and user-friendly manner, while occupying minimal laboratory space.

•  The Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend XT three-liter general purpose centrifuge range incorporates market-leading performance and versatility for superior, high throughput processing. With a compact and user-friendly design, energy efficiency is combined with cutting-edge technology to provide extremely reliable resulting data.

•  The Thermo Scientific MaxQ 8000 series of stackable shakers offers the highest level of performance, reliability and space savings compared to traditional orbital shakers. This stackable format is an ideal choice for laboratories shaking large quantities with minimal space.