Industry News: Super Resolution Pioneer to Open MICROSCIENCE 2010

16 Jun 2010

Dr Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (NIH, US) – a pioneer of super resolution imaging - will give the opening Plenary Lecture at MICROSCIENCE 2010 in London’s docklands on Tuesday 29th June 2010.

Dr Lippincott-Schwartz's MICROSCIENCE 2010 Plenary Lecture is entitled 'Seeing Cells in Action with Photoactivatable Fluorescent Proteins'. Dr Lippincott-Schwartz is a leader in the use of green fluorescent protein technology to study the function of living cells by light microscopy. This has revolutionised our understanding of cellular function and dynamics.

Dr. Lippincott-Schwartz's projects cover a vast range of cell biological topics, including protein transport and the cytoskeleton, organelle assembly and disassembly, and the generation of cell polarity. Analysis of the dynamics of fluorescently labeled proteins expressed in cells is performed using numerous live cell imaging approaches, including FRAP, FCS and photoactivationRecently she has developed the use of photoactivation localisation microscopy – known as PALM - that for the first time permits the observation of the distribution of individual molecules in cells by light microscopy.

Dr Lippincott-Schwartz is visiting the UK to receive the Pearse Prize – the Royal Microscopical Society’s highest award for histochemistry. Former recipients include Dr Osamu Shimomura and Dr Roger Tsien, who both went on to receive the Nobel Prize for chemistry. Dr Lippincott-Schwartz’s research on using the green fluorescent protein builds on the work of Shimomura and Tsien.

“It is a great honour for us to welcome Dr Lippincott-Schwartz to MICROSCIENCE 2010,” says Dr Debbie Stokes, Co-Chair of the Organising Committee for the event. “Her work is world-renowned and the Society wishes to recognise this. She is an excellent speaker and we hope that her presence will inspire delegates, particularly those in the early stages of their career.”

Dr Lippincott-Schwartz’s opening lecture will be at 9am on Tuesday 29th June, in Lecture Theatre A at MICROSCIENCE 2010, ExCeL London.

MICROSCIENCE 2010, 28th June to 1st July 2010, ExCeL London – For further information please visit the MICROSCIENCE 2010 website.