Product News: New Rt®-Silica BOND Columns from Restek

11 Mar 2014

Restek’s Rt®-Silica BOND columns are robust, versatile, selective PLOT columns that offer excellent performance for the analysis of light hydrocarbons, sulfur gases, and halocarbons above ambient temperature. In addition, carbon dioxide and other gases can be retained at ambient temperature on this silica-based column. High loadability, inertness, and consistent selectivity, as well as unmatched robustness at a maximum temperature of 260 °C, make the Rt®-Silica BOND column ideal for the analysis of active unsaturated hydrocarbons.

Using Rt®-Silica BOND columns minimizes downtime because Restek’s unique QC testing protocols ensure consistent column-to-column performance. Only Restek measures the selectivity of every column with methyl acetylene and 1,3-butadiene, unsaturated C4 hydrocarbons that are more sensitive selectivity probes than the unsaturated C3 hydrocarbon probes that are used by other manufacturers. In addition to more rigorous selectivity testing, Rt®-Silica BOND columns are also tested to confirm efficiency and inertness in order to provide optimal peak shape and response for active analytes.

As with all Restek PLOT columns, our proprietary manufacturing process minimizes particle generation, which reduces the problems commonly associated with released particles, such as signal spikes, valve damage, and clogged FID jets. In addition, the Rt®-Silica BOND column displays outstanding stability in the presence of water due to its unique bonded silica stationary phase. The combination of rugged manufacturing and rigorous QC testing ensures every Rt®-Silica BOND column will provide optimal performance and reliable results for active unsaturated hydrocarbons.