Industry News: Sądecki Bartnik Honey Deal Strengthens Randox Food Diagnostics European Dominance

14 Oct 2013

One of Europe’s major honey producers has become the latest company to move over to Randox Food Diagnostics Biochip Array Technology for antibiotic screening. With the deal unveiled at Apimondia, Sądecki Bartnik made the switch from their Receptor Binding Technology after an evaluation exercise last year, and will now use Randox technology for both their major sites in Poland and Ukraine. The move consolidates the Northern Ireland-based company’s position as the trusted supplier of choice to the continent’s larger producers, having added both France’s Lune de Miel and Germany’s Langnese in 2011.

The deal involves the supply of two Evidence Investigator Analyzers, and the full set of antimicrobial kits which offers a complete antibiotic profile for screening. With EU rapid alerts showing regular issues surrounding antimicrobials within the region, the need for a rapid and robust screening system is of high importance, which Sądecki Bartnik are pioneering.

Randox Food Diagnostics Business Manager Aaron Tohill welcomed the deal,

“From our research we were aware that Sądecki Bartnik are a significant part of the European market, and we were keen to switch them to Randox Biochip Array technology. On top of our other major producers it strengthens our position within the continental and global marketplace, and we were delighted to make the announcement at the world’s largest honey convention Apimondia.

Explaining the rationale behind the switch Sadecki Bartnik’s Janusz Kasztelewicz said, “Our main goal is to provide the highest satisfaction to our clients and to join the best in the beekeeping industry. To achieve it, we pay attention not only to the quality requirements of the products but also to the safety and hygiene standards. We employ an extensive management system that is regularly tested by the international controlling institutions.”