Industry News: Randox to Present Posters, Workshops and Products at AACC

11 Jul 2013

Randox Laboratories will be in attendance at this year’s AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo in Houston, Texas from 30th July – 1st August.

Randox is excited to show you how we are revolutionizing healthcare through improving diagnostics across the globe. Developed with consolidation and economy in mind, our products provide cost savings whilst using the latest in high-quality technology.

Randox is proud to present two workshops at AACC: “Lp(a) 50th Anniversary: Clinical Significance and Assay Evaluation” and “Rapid Detection of Designer Drugs within the Routine Laboratory.” Both of these workshops promise to deliver an in-depth discussion on the latest developments within their respective diagnostic areas. Randox will also host no fewer than 11 scientific poster presentations throughout the course of the event.

On show will be a range of our products, including the RX series of clinical chemistry analyzers and quality control material which ensures the utmost accuracy in your laboratory’s results. As well as these ever popular products, we shall be showcasing some of our newest arrivals such as:

• RX daytona+ a fully automated, random access, bench top clinical chemistry analyzer which is capable of performing both routine and specialized testing as well as emergency STAT sampling. The daytona+ can perform up to 270 photometric tests per hour, and up to 450 including ISE.
• Liquid BNP Control designed for use in the monitoring of accuracy and precision. Values and ranges are provided for a wide range of instruments including Beckman Access, Abbott Architect and Siemens Advia Centaur.

• Acusera 24.7 Live Online an inter-laboratory data management software and peer group reporting package. Updated every 24 hours, Acusera 24.7 Live Online enables laboratories to monitor analytical performance, access peer group reports and compare results with other laboratories using the same quality controls - often the same method and instrument.

Randox will be located at booth #3245 during AACC 2013.

Randox Life Sciences will also be in attendance at nearby booth #3225. Randox Life Sciences provides high-quality, consistent antibodies and other biochemical reagents required in the commercial production of world-leading diagnostic reagents.

To learn more about Randox at this year’s event, visit