Product News: Quantachrome Instruments Releases Updated Autosorb® 6 iSA™ Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer

26 Jul 2013

Quantachrome introduces the next generation of its flagship gas sorption analyzer, the Autosorb® 6 iSA™. In addition to the traditional BET surface area analysis, this benchtop instrument provides a wide breadth of analysis techniques such as adsorption and desorption isotherms, pore volume, mesopore size distribution, micropore surface area and pore volume, and features a wide range of density functional theory models to characterize most porous materials. These techniques allow researchers who develop complex materials to determine the inter-relationship of how surface characteristics such as porosity and pore volume impact their materials key performance characteristics.


The Autosorb® 6 iSA™ is designed to meet the needs of laboratories with high analytical throughput requiring rapid and accurate surface area and pore size data. It provides the flexibility that allows up to six samples to run concurrently and completely independently. New enhancements provide protective dewar shields, which serve a dual purpose for both protecting the operator and the analyzer. Improved lighted displays clearly show the status of the instrument’s operation.

The Autosorb® 6 iSA™ ASWin software has been updated to provide features to facilitate CFR 21 Part 11 compliance. This allows pharmaceutical laboratories to meet FDA regulations for electronic record keeping systems including features such as password controlled access, audit trail capabilities and enhanced reporting features. In addition, the new software in both CFR and non-CFR modes provides enhanced import and export capabilities, flexible data storage, and full 64 bit compatibility to allow operation with current Windows® operating systems.