Product News: New Promega QuantiFluor RNA System for Sensitive, Easy Quantitation

23 Feb 2012

Promega Corporation announces the launch of QuantiFluor™ RNA System for highly sensitive, easy RNA quantitation. The QuantiFluor RNA dye enables quantitation of small amounts (as little as 100pg) of RNA in solution; a critical step in many biological applications, particularly in standard molecular biology techniques.

The new system provides significantly increased sensitivity for those samples that are low in concentration, using far less template RNA to accurately quantitate compared with alternative systems, and with better linearity and detection limits.

The QuantiFluor RNA System includes all required reagents to quickly set up and quantitate RNA, offering an integrated solution with instrument pairing. The System is easy to set up on numerous platforms including both the QuantiFluor™ and GloMax® Multi instruments.

Applications include measuring yields of in vitro transcribed RNA, and measuring RNA concentrations before performing Northern blot analysis, S1 nuclease assays, RNase protection assays, cDNA library preparation, RT-PCR, and differential display PC.

The new dye system is the latest addition to Promega’s nucleic acid quantitation dyes, which also includes QuantiFluor dsDNA System.

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