Product News: New Line of Long-Path Gas Cells Released

28 Jun 2012

PIKE Technologies introduces a new family of high performance long-path IR gas cells for analysis of air contaminants, pure gases and gas mixtures. The fixed path cells range from 2.4m to 20m, and the variable model can be adjusted from 1m to 16m, to cover concentration ranges from ppb to the ppm levels.

All cells feature diamond-turned, gold-coated mirrors for optimal reflectivity and best possible energy throughput. Glass or nickel-coated aluminum bodies are available and other materials can be quoted if needed. PIKE gas cells have been designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, and can be rapidly disassembled and re-assembled, without affecting alignment of the optical components.

In the standard configuration the gas cells are equipped with KBr windows, but other window types are available. The windows can be easily exchanged by the user. All PIKE gas cells mount rigidly to the baseplate of an FTIR spectrometer for added stability. The cells feature purgeable transfer optics to eliminate atmospheric interferences in the spectrum. For samples with low boiling points and water vapor greater than 1%, temperature-controlled configurations with heating up to 200 °C are available.