Industry News: Peak Scientific celebrates 10th Anniversary & Queen’s Award for International Trade 2007

01 Oct 2007

Peak Scientific has opened their doors to all of their customers and partners world wide to join into their celebrations of their 10th Anniversary and Queen’s Award for International Trade 2007. The 2 day long celebrations at their head office and manufacturing plant near Glasgow, Scotland has attracted more than 100 visitors from more than 20 countries world wide. In the course of the celebrations all visitors had an opportunity to visit Peak Scientific’s recently extended facilities as well as various departments at Peak Scientific.

While Peak Scientific’s Research & Development Department allowed sneak previous of prototypes and drawings for new gas generators for the laboratory market, visitors had the opportunity to provide their feedback on these new systems. Gas Generators that just recently have been released; including the N110DR featuring dual redundancy compressor systems as well as the N118LA for MSQ Applications have been showcased with wide interest from all customers and partners. Opening the doors to Peak Scientific’s facilities has aided to reinforce the importance of transparency of their operations to their customers and partners. Providing their visitors with the opportunity to look behind the scenes of different departments has created an increased confidence in the company’s ability to act quickly on requirements for new products and services and allowed for all visitors to meet Peak Scientific’s entire staff.

As well as providing visitors with information about the company, all were asked to join into the presentation of Peak Scientific’s Second Queens Award for International Trade. In April 2007, it has been announced that Peak Scientific has again won this Royal Accolade for their Export Business. The first Queen’s Award was won in 2004 and by that time, Peak Scientific was exporting Gas Generators for Applications such as LC/MS and GC to 50 countries all over the world. High quality and reliable products have contributed to the natural growth of the business and with the help of our partners; Peak Scientific has soon become a globally recognized brand. Winning a second Queen’s Award for Internal Trade within 3 years is a major achievement of Peak Scientific and all staff involved in now exporting their Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Air Generators to an impressive 69 countries world wide with 86% of Peak Scientific’s turnover originating from far beyond the British Border.

“It was with great pride and joy that Peak Scientific has been presented with the Queen’s Award by the Lord Lieutenant of Renfrewshire in the presence of so many of our partners, friends, customers and of course all of our staff. Receiving such a reward in the 10th year of business and being able to look back and share your thoughts, joy and almost tears with people we mostly regard as great supporters and friends was an amazing experience. When the first gas generator was manufactured here at Peak and leaving our despatch area in 1997, no one could foresee that we would become one of the major manufacturers in the Laboratory Gas Generator Market in such a relatively short space of time and I cannot thank all involved enough for their efforts.” (Robin MacGeachy, MD)

Being a Scottish Company, the official celebrations of both, the 10th Company Anniversary and the Queen’s Award for International Trade also included a series of very Scottish Events.
Visitors were invited to participate in Scottish Highland Games and Celeidh Dancing. Other cultural activities such as visits to Stirling Castle and Golfing have also been arranged by Peak Scientific.
“I thought the event was well planned, organized and quite interesting. It was a good opportunity for me to meet everyone at Peak and gain an appreciation for all of the hard work that everyone's done to make Peak successful.” (Comment from a visitor)