Industry News: New Website Launched for Easier Product Selection

28 Feb 2012

J.G. Finneran Associates has announced the launch of its new website. Those familiar with the old site will notice immediately the color changes, coupled with a simple interface that provides an easier and more intuitive browsing experience.

The new website presents the entire product line using an updated graphic interface and integrated search function, so each item is just a few clicks away. Site visitors can search for products using keywords or product numbers, and the site functionality enables viewers to compare or request information for multiple items simultaneously. Intuitive navigation has simplified a visitor’s ability to get a quote, contact customer service and support, or view available technical information. Detailed product sheets are posted in PDF format on every viewable product page on the website. For the entire collection of products, J.G. Finneran has posted a PDF of its catalog for download, making the process of acquiring product and ordering information easier for dealers and prospective buyers alike. International visitors can view the website in their own language with the translation feature.