Industry News: New Partnership to Supply the Complete Lab

21 Dec 2011

NuAire and AWEL International have announced a new partnership which offers a comprehensive range of centrifuges to complement the existing products from NuAire. Innovative and ergonomically-designed centrifuges are offered alongside NuAire's biological safety cabinets, CO2 incubators, ultra low temperature freezers, and laminar flow cabinets as a part of a complete laboratory.

Multifunction Centrifuges
The MF series includes 4 multifunction centrifuges and offers a wide range of speeds, capacities, and accessories for all types of applications. The AWELock rapid rotor exchange system allows the change of rotors within seconds. Many other patented technologies respond to the different needs and centrifugation protocols of the laboratory. Both ventilated and refrigerated models are available.

Classic Centrifuges
The C series classical centrifuges offer an excellent capacity to space ratio. These centrifuges are ideal for intensive, routine use. Again both ventilated and refrigerated models are available.

Different types and capacities of rotors are available for MF models: Fixed angles, Microtubes, Microplates; and a large choice of inserts for all kinds of tubes.